Friday, March 9, 2012

Eagle Solo Seat

Resistance Isn't Futile!

Just finished staining the newest solo seat. I used a technique called "Resist Dyeing" to get this affect. Pretty stoked. I've been playing with the stain like a child smearing around a finger painting. Trying to get better or more antiqued finishes. Not quite where I wanna be yet, but it's the journey that counts. A good friend of mine, Dan Tag, has always stood by the notion that there's something really cool about sketchy-ness. Wether it be Duane Peters, or some "cheesy" artwork, Tag really admires when something comes out looking like it almost didn't. I've been trying to remember that while I do things. Instead of striving toward an outcome that many are trained to achieve, it's good to wander into uncertanty and blaze forth blindly and at breakneck speed until your standing on the other side with something you don't recognize from your previous expectations or plans. Holding something that really went through the ringer and is unlike anything else. No factory edges, no other thing like it. Just like each one of us. I think that's either a good mindset to live by, or a justifying excuse to suck and remain stoked. Decide for yourself.

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