Sunday, March 11, 2012

Osagie's Moped

My buddy Osagie was ripping some backside power slides out front of Cantina last night as Celia and I were walking up. He was wearing some loose work boots and a smile that wrapped around his neck like a scarf. He flapped a big shaka as I greeted him, then something caught my eye. A Slapstick of the Living Dead board, all carved up, jigsaw style, and mounted as a seat on some Italian bar cruiser with a weed whacker engine. "Who's is this?!", I popped, and before Osagie could say "Mine" I was on it and asking how I start it. The pedal start hat snapped off so you had to jump start da bitch. After a short trot down Passyunk, I was buzzing through red lights with the agility of a lop sided bowling ball. So stoked. It's been a while since my bike's been in the chop shop so any two wheeled, motorised sustenance was welcomed, whole heartedly. I bought Osagie some drinks for letting me whip it, and we talked a lot about how cool it would be to chop it all up. "Oh yeah, some straight struts, some giant ape hangers…" Finally, we settled on the fact that it's a $400 moped and it's probably best to just ride the fuck out of it. Later, as we left, Celia jumped on the back of it as Osagie buzzed pedestrians on the sidewalk and Austin and Rattlesnake skated next to him. She left me walking behind. A real biker mamma. 

The man and his machine.

                                Celia lurking hard. Quick to J.O.D.M.  (Jump on Da Moped)
                              Mopeds are like fat girls, it's fun 'till you're friends catch ya doing it.
Salmon down Passyunk. 

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