Friday, March 9, 2012

Dawg Collars for friends.

Dropped off Thunder's new collar today. One of my newest buddies, Eric Bolt, a talented craftsman, was kind enough to allow me to make his pooch some flare. Thunder, a massive black pit bull, is a beast. When he comes barreling across the park toward Maiden and I, it's no wonder why people sometimes cross the street at the site of him. However gnarly Thunder appears, he's a playful energetic puppy at heart and boy does he love Maiden. So much that sometimes he wields his pit bull power to fend off any other dogs that may come between he and Maid dog. It gets kinda scary sometimes. His collar is a 1.75" slab of bovine with some sturdy hardware. Most definitely necessary for wrangling such a beast. Looks right at home on his massive neck.

Eric makes pottery...I guess. I don't wanna call it something other than what it is, but, you know, he makes things out of clay, like Patrick Swazey and Demi Moore in "Ghost." His stuff is extra rad because of the process he uses to "fire" it. He sticks his clay works into straight up bonfires, and then parties until there cooked. Pretty fuckin cool if you ask me. I think he has an Etsy account. His name is Eric Bolt. 

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  1. my comment just got erased, grrr.... anyway I found you cause I asked my friend Danielle who made Ditto's beautiful collar and she said it was YOU!! I'm wondering if you'd make one for my sister's dog, Scout. I love your work! :) email me: ... Thanks!!