Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't want no pickle

   The boys over at Rullo Custom Cycles. Have been killing it on my Sporty! I met Mike Clarke a few years ago at Ride to Skate. That was before my Sportser and after my Honda. Within the past year, Mike has helped me a bunch with the bike. Wether it be good prices on parts, or this new chop chop project, I've been stoked on Rullo. The owner, Steve, and the technician, Karl have been cool as ice too. No macho chops necessary when dealing with these dudes. They've been more than happy to lead me through the shop and show me the inner workings of their various projects time after time, and they don't seem to get too bummed when I call them once a day on my way to work, after I've ripped a bong and all I wanna do is talk about gas tanks and fenders. Franky, one of the hired guns, just commissioned a collar for his pit bull, as well. Like I said...good guys.

   I'm a pretty hands on dude and I really enjoy getting into projects and taking on challenges, but when it came time to chop my fender in half and weld up a new rigid rear section, I knew I was out of my league. Stoked that there's a cool shop like Rullo about 15 minutes from my house, run by dudes I can trust. Karl's gonna fabricate a dished oil tank with brass keystones that I can't wait to see, and until the bikes done, I'm planning my attack of wrapping as much of the bike in leather as possible.  Looking forward to heading into the shop soon to get my hands a little dirty and help Karl mount the rear fender and struts. I wasn't sure, at first, if they would be cool with letting me do some work on my own bike because most shops aren't. I originally had planned on doing the rear fender/struts/sissy bar myself, with the help of a welder buddy, but when I asked Karl if it would be cool to work on the bike with him he said "I don't give a shit." Sold! Here's the progress thus far. Starting from about a year ago when it was a full on garbage wagon, through my infant chopping steps that helped fuel my obsession, until now. The solo seat was my first ever leather project.

The seat was an homage to my band The Trowels, and the DIY spirit of FDR skatepark. The place we called home
Independent Truck foot pegs. Same Boy Original.

Ammo army box and some DIY struts. Biltwell's recipe. 10" eye to eye.
Maid dog!
Half price

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